Surface Treatment

Our company is aware that the surface treatment of products is very important for the life and functionality of the product itself. Therefore, only quality and proven materials for surface treatment of products with respect to the environment are used.


The basic prerequisite for good surface finish, its durability and constancy is the perfect cleaning of the surface of the steel elements from all loose or firmly fixed dirt, grease, corrosion and the like. so=called pre-surface treatment. The pre-surface treatment is carried out on a continuous blasting line where, with the help of a steel abrasive, we achieve a level of surface treatment of Sa 2.5.


For outdoor constructions with direct weather conditions.

For this type of steel structures, alkyd systems are suitable which, when applied in larger thicknesses, resist weathering. The corrosion resistance of these systems according to ISO 12944 is C2 and C3. For corrosive grades C2-H (high) and C3-M (medium) 80 μm of basic alkyd feed + 80 μm of top alkyd feed = 80 μm DFT (dry film thickness) is used. This coating thickness is suitable for steel structures, machinery and equipment in outdoor urban, marine and industrial environments.

By selecting a suitable coating system, even the most demanding conditions of the customer for corrosion resistance can be satisfied. Depending on the type of corrosive environment acting on the steel structure, coating systems are distributed:

For steel surfaces exposed to heavy weather conditions with a requirement for aesthetics and durability, polyurethane surfaces are ideal. Polyurethane paint creates a well-washable surface with good gloss and color fastness. In this system, the primer coat is an epoxy resin based paint with a polyurethane based topcoat.

These types of coatings can be applied in the full range of color shades according to the RAL scale.